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How to Upload

Simply choose a file and click "Upload" below:

How to Upload, but Nerdier

You can upload files to this site via a simple HTTP POST, e.g. using curl:
curl -F "file=@/path/to/your/file.jpg"

Or if you want to pipe to curl *and* have a file extension, add a "filename":
echo "hello" | curl -F "file=@-;filename=.txt"

On Windows, you can use ShareX and import this uploader config. On Android, you can use Hupl with this uploader config.

File Sizes and Retention

The maximum allowed file size is 768 MiB. Files are kept for a minimum of 31, and a maximum of 730 days. How long a file is kept depends on its size. Larger files are deleted earlier than small ones. This relation is non-linear and skewed in favour of small files.

The exact formula for determining the maximum age for a file is:


Terms of Service

You may not upload content that infringes on intellectual property rights, that promotes hate or discrimination, that harms children, or that is illegal in the United States of America. Those who abuse this policy will be mercilessly banninated. To report abuse, see the contact email at the bottom of the page.


Modified from Rouji's excellent 0x0 clone, available on GitHub.


If you want to report abuse of this service, or have any other inquiries, please write an email to sarah at 4d2 dot org.

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Terms of Service

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